Migrant Sunday 29 Sep 2019 – “It is not just about migrants”

Good Shepherd Church Setapak invited the migrants to co-animate the mass on Migrant Sunday this
year. Lydia, 12 years old, from Myanmar did the first reading followed by Emmanuel from Nigeria
who happens to be one of our regular lector as well. Lydia who was a bundle of nerves prior to mass,
read in flawless English and was praised by the liturgical seniors in the parish. She has been invited
to be part of the parish liturgy team once she completes her exams this year.
During Offertory, six couples from the Myanmar migrant community dressed in their traditional
costumes from the different tribes in Kachin state walked up to offer their personal gifts as an act of
thanksgiving for the many blessings and graces they have received during their journey here in
Malaysia. James Seng Naw, a community leader, hope to see a bigger group of migrants from many
different countries coming together for offertory next year.
The celebration was saw the coming together of various ministries in the parish to co-celebrate this
day with our migrant brothers and sisters. The Evergreens gave away 100 cupcakes to the migrant
families as a loving gesture in celebration of the International Day of Older persons who also happen
to fall on the same day as Migrant Sunday this year.
The Catechism children gave away personalised teddy bears to every migrant child who were
present as part of the mission year Teddy Bear project. This was a very meaningful gesture that was
heartwarming and a joy to watch even in the eyes of our Myanmar community leaders.
A video was shown which gave a short account of the history of Myanmar and the complexities
around the different minority groups and the political situation then and now. Many found the video
informative and enlightening.
During the Praise & Worship session, the Malaysians were told to find a migrant partner and spend 5
minutes getting to know one another. Many came up to share what they know about their new
found migrant friends. This provided a beautiful avenue for people of different races to talk and
encounter one another as part of getting to know about a person. Mariam Thomas from GSC,
received a hug from Martha from Myanmar after this short encounter. She thinks that the Praise &
Worship session provide a very good avenue for the migrants to get to know more people in the
parish. She wished to see the migrants fully integrated into parish life and this could be done
through this simple activity of Praise & Worship together.
Songs, praying for peace, rendered by our brothers and sisters from Myanmar joyfully speaks of
their inner desire for peace in their homeland, changing guns into plowshares, for many are missing
their moms and dads back home. Our migrant brothers and sisters sang with their hearts
enthusiastically and enjoyed the Praise & Worship session together with the parishioners of Good
Shepherd very much.
James Seng Naw was pleasantly surprised to see how vibrant the praise and worship session can be
in a catholic church in Kuala Lumpur. Back home, this is not in existence and worship is still very
conservative and traditional.
Julia Thing Chyu was very appreciative of the warm hospitality and kindness shown by the
parishioners of Good Shepherd. She enjoyed the personal chat of getting to know each other with
Nicholas Doshi from the Family Life Ministry. She said that her children liked Malaysia very much and
do not look forward to going home to Myanmar.

The Praise & Worship team extended an open invitation and look forward to meeting our migrant
brothers and sisters again.

The World Mission Rosary 2019

The World Mission Rosary 2019

 Here are some images and videos from The World Mission Rosary of 2019 in Good Shepherd Church Setapak.


This Extraordinary Missionary Year 2019 saw the Evergreens Ministry of the Good
Shepherd Church, Setapak, KL make a second Pilgrimage, this time being a one day
Pilgrimage / Heritage Trip to the Historical City of Malacca. (Our first pilgrimage was to St
Theresa’s Church in Nilai )
A full busload of 44 Evergreens , the oldest at 82, departed GSC Setapak at 8.00am on
Wednesday 18 th Sept 2019 to commence our Pilgrimage cum Heritage trip. On the bus as we
left KL, we prayed the Rosary and sang some Marian songs.

First Stop (Pilgrimage) : St. Peter’s Church , the oldest functioning Catholic Church in
Malaysia. We were met by church elder, Mr Desmond De Souza, who so eloquently
provided us with an entralling historical background of this majestic and iconic church that
has stood the test of time for over three centuries (since 1710 ).
We were fortunate to be still there at 12 Noon when the church bells in the belfry of the
church tolled the ANGELUS as we prayed the Angelus.
Thereafter, some of us visited and bought some very nice gifts and items from their very
unique “St. Pete’s Gift Shoppe”, whilst others strolled the grounds or visited the Passion
Room and the Marian Room within the Church.

Second Stop ( Pilgrimage) : Church Of St Francis Xavier , another iconic structure in the
form of a twin spired church that was built in 1849 and reputed to have been modelled
after the Cathedral of St. Peter in Montpellier, Southern France. We were warmly greeted
by Mr Colin Goh and Ms Doris Tan. In the church, Ms.Doris efficiently briefed us and
showed us slides of the history of this very significant Church that was built in honour of St
Francis Xavier, the Patron Saint of Missionaries.
We were privileged to be given the opportunity to venerate the Relic of St Francis Xavier .
We then toured the grounds of the church which included the Crypt underneath the Church
and the Church’s museum. And lucky us, we additionally had Sister Stephanie of the Holy
Infant Jesus Convent, Malacca, on hand to guide us through the Church’s museum that day.
Due to the HAZE and also lack of time, we had to skip the full Heritage Walk via the
Stadhuys and up to St Paul’s Hill to see the old burial site of St Francis Xavier . The group
had a novelty lunch of Chicken Rice Ball at the famous Jonker Street.

Third Stop (Pilgrimage/Heritage) : Statue of Christ The Redeemer and Chapel of The
Immaculate Conception at The Portuguese Square / Portuguese Settlement.
A nice group photgraph was taken at the base of the looming Statue of Christ The
Redeemer after which some of us said our own personal prayers there.
It was unfortunate that the chapel was closed so we were not able to enter the chapel.
Some did however visit a little gift shop which also held a small Portuguese Museum and
were fortunate to have been given a short briefing by its owner/operator, Mr Jerry.
We enjoyed a short tea break at the Portuguese Square where our own Evergreen, Mr
Lawrence De Souza (a local Malaccan of Portuguese descent ) introduced everyone to “Pang
Susi“ a Portuguese chicken bun.

Fourth Stop ( Heritage ) : On the expanse of newly reclaimed piece of land by the coast to
be called Impression City” stands a modern building, South East Asia’s largest performing
arts theatre called ENCORE MELAKA . This was where we were treated to 70 minutes of an
awe-inspiring Historical & Heritage Show performed by nearly 200 real life performers
accompanied by high tech and revolutionary digital projections. Here was a theatre which
has the whole audience platform rotating 360 degrees around 240 meters of multiple built-
in hydraulic stages. The various stories were told through the art of song, dance and
scenery that had us travelling on a voyage thorough time and space.
Before leaving Malacca for home, we stopped at the Portuguese & Nyonya Restaurant for a
sumptuous dinner of…… you guessed it, Portuguese and Nyonya cuisine.
After a long day, the two hour plus drive back to KL saw many snoozing (and snoring) in the
bus. We arrived safely back at our good old GSC, tired but certainly more inspired after this
meaningful Pilgrimage.




Held in Radiant retreat campsite, Janda Baik
Total of 85 participants, young and not so young, fellowship and faith-building.



 一切那么完美,感谢!
 这个营让我更接近耶稣,重燃信仰的热火
 Excellent experience
 期待《遇见耶稣》2.0
 跟教友更认识了,我好 高兴可以参加这个camp, 舍不得说再见
 ‘两条鱼’的比喻 。。。太震撼了
 Thank you Jesus, for loving me.


Evergreens’ Pilgrimage to St Theresa’s Church


Nilai, 12TH June 2019 :

Eighty six (86) Evergreens ( formerly know as Senior Citizens) of the Good Shepherd Chuch , Setapak KL , together with our Parish Priest , Rev. Fr. Christopher Soosaipillai, in two chartered buses, headed for the Church of St. Theresa, Nilai , a church  selected as a “ Pilgrimage Church” for the Extraordinary Missionary Year 2019 ( EMY 2019). On arrival, the group was joined by at least another 10 other parishioners from the Good Shepherd Church who had made their own way there

We were welcomed so very warmly by Rev. Fr. Eugene Benedict and his team as we all gathered near the entrance ( Station 1 )  in front of the statue of St.Therese of Lisuiex and the Crucifix of Christ.

Rev. Fr. Eugene in welcoming us, gave us a comprehensive  introduction of what we were going to do during this pilgrimage and also led us in prayer. He even “sprinkled”  little rose petals on all of us in recognition of St. Therese who is also known as “ The Little Folwer”.

Being the perfect hosts that they are, Fr. Eugene and his team did not forget that we needed to be fed and  treated us to a warm and welcomed breakfast of delicious ” Char Bee Hoon” with coffee and tea for all. He joked that this was to give us  energy for our “arduous pilgrimage walk” that was to follow.

The “ Pilgrimage Walk – Walking In The Light Of St. Theresa’s Life Journey”, commenced with all of us coming to Station 3 where we all gathered in front of a family picture of St. Theresa and her family  and reflected on the Family Life of St. Theresa.

The pilgrimage walk continued through the following stations where in-depth explanations were given by Rev.Fr. Eugene and meaningful prayers were said at each of the  stations.

Station 4 : St. Theresa’s Devotion To Our Mother.

Station 5 : St. Theresa’s Devotion To Our Church – The Walk.

Station 6 : St. Theresa’s  Pilgrim Church – The Ruins.

Station 7 : St. Theresa On Her Death Bed – The Crying Room  (for those having heavy burdens)

Station 8 : St. Theresa’s Devotion To Our Lady of Fatima  (the grotto and also the little vegetable garden by the side)

Station 9 : We walked “ UP THE RAMP TOWARDS THE ALTAR “ at  Station 9, to go into the temporary but lovely chapel. Here,  our pilgrimage was culminated with a HOLY MASS jointly celebrated by  Rev. Fr. Eugene and Rev. F.r Christopher

During Mass, the very “newly minted”  Evergreens Choir led by our team leader Desmond and mentor Steven did a splendid job in leading the congregation through all the hymns.


The chapel, located within the Pastoral Centre serves as a  “temporary church “ because in 2012, the old Church building had been burnt down in a fire that was a result of an electrical short circuit. Only the front facade and part of the back of the church building remains standing now. However, Fr. Eugene informed us of the good news that approval had been received for the church to be rebuilt.   Praise The Lord.

At the end of the Mass,  Fr. Eugene gave a few of the Evergreens the honour of placing  a “Crown of Roses” on the head of the Statue of St Theresa at the altar.

Everyone made donations towards the church , for  the poor and for the Mission year, in cash and also via  grocery items ( for the Orang Asli ) as well as some recyclables.

The group felt that we all RECEIVED so much more than we gave during this pilgrimage  and we are all grateful to Rev. Fr. Eugene and his team for their kind hospitality and especially for the passionate and  clear explanations by Rev Fr. Eugene that made this pilgrimage so meaningful.

We are of course THANKFUL to GOD that we had this opportunity to experience and to be part of this very  SPECIAL pilgrimage. We look forward to visiting St Theresa’s Church again when it is rebuilt.

The LIGHT OF LIFE retreat 【生命之光】避靜

Choir group and Legion of Mary (Mandarin speaking)

12-14 April 2019 Maranatha Janda Baik

Fr Stephen Ng

Sharing from our participants:



我給自己的挑戰是更多的時間放在祈禱和靈修方面,這三天兩夜,自己也選了特定的時間去小教堂祈禱,特別是早上大概6點多左右天還沒亮的時候。靜靜地,看著聖體櫃祈禱。感覺很平靜很平安是一個很不錯的經驗。         -Joanne





家人埋怨我太多时间在教堂了,姑姑们反对我浪费时间在念经祈祷 ”妳念酱多经也不见得保佑妳的,依然是酱多病痛酱多事”。我还不懂得如何跟她们解释…受到不理解,我多多少少会有点受影响。虽然我相信主,但不晓得为何依然会问主为什么?会想找答案。也开始明了此路难走。                                  -Faustina



这个避静让我感触甚深。其中一环节神父解释了路加福音中玛利亚和马尔大的互动(路 10: 38-42),表示了在教会团体或善会中事奉的人不单单只是当了马尔大,若我们在事奉的当儿也与耶稣的圣言在一起生活,那我们也当了福音里玛利亚的角色,因为天主的圣言就是身为教友所能得到的最好的一份!










THE HUMAN CONNECTION (Formation by Youth)


On the 23rd until the 24th of March, the youth ministry of Good Shepherd Church, Setapak, organised a 2 day stay in formation for all the youths of the parish. The formation was titled “The Human Connection” based on the main topic of the formation; communication. The formation was held in the youth centre and had a total of 25 participants.

The entire module was presented by the young leaders in the ministry under the guidance of the Archdiocesan Single Adult and Youth Office (ASAYO). The program spoke about the need of communication in our human life and how to communicate better which is something many of the youth have struggles with based on the feedback from the participants. The final session of the module was especially impactful to the participants as it spoke about listening and two-way communication. In this session, many understood the big difference between listening and hearing and this made them all realise that listening is the most important part of good communication.

No youth program is complete without a little fun as the youth participated in a wonderful campfire night on the first day. The participants were thrilled with the experience as they spent the night toasting marshmallows over the fire, singing along to campfire songs and playing games like charades and flashlight tag.

Overall, the formation was a great success and achieved the objective it was given which was to instil better communication skills among youth and guide them into leadership. It was also a great learning curve for all our leaders to take on the task of giving these sessions which has empowered the participants to do the same. It was a great initiative to kick start the forming of young leaders and successors of the ministry.


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