Parish Coordinating Council

MSGR Mitchel Joseph

Rev. Fr. Mitchel Joseph
Parish Priest

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Edmund Anthony
PCC Chairperson/ PMEIA

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Cassendra Grace

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Carrol Lawrence
Parish Integral Human Development Ministry (PIHDM)

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Michael Joseph
(BEC Coordinating Team)

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Carle Samson

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Peter Xavier
Temporal Affairs

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Gerard Sebastian
Social Communication

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Benedict Tan

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Joseph & Christine
Family Life

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Joseph Anthony
Tamil Apostolate

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Michael Jagang
BM Apostolate

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Adrian Chua
Mandarin Apostolate

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Jessica Edward
PCC Secretary

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PPST Chairperson

Parish Pastoral Synod / PPA Team

Parish Pastoral Synod Team (PPST) which replaces the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) for the term 2023-2025. The role of the PPST will be both Pastoral and Synodal in its essence, representing and ensuring voices of all parishioners are heard.

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Shaun Dhenesh Thenagaran

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Andrea Ann Fernandez

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Edmond Anthony

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Dr Santini Pathinathan

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Dr Cheryl Stephen

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Dr Jason Roy Edward Nathan

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Nicholas Gerard Doshi

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Dr Roseline Moo

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Junior Jacob

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Savriammah @ Laura Joseph

Good Shepherd Ministry

Parish Ministries Called to Serve

Ministries are the backbone of the parish and they primarily serve to bring the love of Christ to all. These ministries provide an opportunity for collaborative ministry among the People of God following after the example of Jesus who came ‘to serve and not be served’.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:

The EMHCs assist the priest at mass in the distribution of holy communion. They also assist in bringing holy communion to the sick and homebound and extend the church’s care towards those who are unable to participate in the Holy Mass due to prolonged illness.


This ministry assigns to the ushers the task of welcoming people at the door, and helping them find their places. They also assist with taking up the Church collection at the Mass.

Lectors and Commentators:

They play an integral role in the proclamation of the word of God in liturgical celebrations. As proclaimers, they serve the assembly in making the word of God alive.


The Choir and musicians are at the service of the Assembly, the people of God. Its purpose and task is to lead and help, to animate and support, the encourage the full participation of the congregation in liturgical celebrations.

Altar Servers:

Altar servers are a vital part of the liturgical ministry. These servers enhance the quality of the celebration for the whole gathered assembly by taking part in processions and by ensuring that all items required for the celebration are available at the appropriate moments.

Catechetical (Sunday School):

The Ministry of Sunday School focuses on providing faith formation for children and young students who are journeying to prepare and receive the sacraments. This ministry is a vital part of the catechetical life of the parish.

Family Life:

Family Life Ministry is God’s blueprint for transmitting faith from one generation to the next. To see families develop resilient, biblically rooted, divinely fueled faith, all age groups in the church must partner with parents to help them be the main spiritual influencers in their children’s lives.


A Liturgical Ministry is simply being involved with or assisting with the Mass. While the priest is the presider and main guide for the movement of the liturgy, it is a community effort to complete the Mass. Below are listed several ways you can use your gifts and talents to bring more beauty to the Mass.


Church maintenance refers to the upkeep of all property and equipment that belongs to a church. It encompasses every maintenance task required to keep a church and its entire premises functional, safe, and presentable.

Media & Projectionists:

Participation of the assembly is crucial in the celebration of the Holy Mass. Media &  Projectionists help the assembly to not only follow the Holy Mass but also to foster greater participation in the liturgy.

Parish Integral Human Development (PIHDM):

An integral part of the Church’s mission is the upliftment of the poor and needy. This ministry seeks to serve those in need not only to improve their quality of life but to foster greater respect for the dignity of the human person.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA):

The RCIA is a journey, set forth by the universal Church, for adult inquirers (seekers of faith) who desire to know and follow Jesus Christ and to become a member of the Catholic Church. The Rite prepares the adult inquirers with the aim to receive the Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist.

Tamil Apostolate:

The Tamil Apostolate seeks to create opportunities among the Tamil-speaking parishioners to grow spiritually, culturally, and socially in the spirit of unity with the parish community as a whole.


Seeks to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus and to promote active participation in the life of the Church. In doing so, this ministry seeks to accompany young people in their personal and spiritual growth in our world today.

BEC Coordinating Team:

The Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) is the heartbeat of the parish. These small groups seek to enhance relationships by fostering a spirit of prayer and action in the local neighbourhood.

Social Communication Team:

This team runs the digital part of the church, Updating and creating content for Website and Social Media Platforms.

We are also part of the Tech team of the church, making sure the Sound System and the network is maintained frequently.

The team also consist of Video and Photography team.

Come and Serve our Fathers House. If you are interested in any of the Ministry, kindly contact the respective leaders at the drop down menu area right at the top.