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new flashingPesta Kaamatan dalam nama lain iaitu (Tadau Kaamatan) atau didalam bahasa Kadazandusun “Magavau” merupakan upacara perayaan khas untuk menghormati “Bambazon” iaitu untuk menghormati semangat padi. Perayaan ini adalah amalan secara tradisi kaum Kadazandusun amnya sejak zaman-berzaman. Manakala, Pesta Gawai juga adalah sinonim dengan Pesta Kaamatan yang dirayakan oleh masyarakat Sarawak. perayaan ini membawa simbolik kepada kehidupan yang

M.A.D. - Vocation Discernment Retreat

9 young men from the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur responded to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to discern God’s will as they thirsts to know more about the diocesan priesthood. They have taken the first step by attending the 2016 Diocesan Vocation Retreat which was held at Good Shepherd Church on the 1st and 2nd of July. The theme for this stay-in retreat was ‘Make A Difference’. Beginning with mass and Eucharistic adoration, the retreat was structured to give a glimpse into the life of a diocesan priest.

Good Shepherd Confirmation 2016

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for you are with me - Psalms 23:4

Confirmation, as one of the seven blessed sacraments, is the pinnacle of our development towards Catholic adulthood. It is a phase many of us go through; one, as a graduation from catechism, and two, as a practicing and accepting person to the Catholic faith. It serves as a holy redemption to what we, as Catholics have

Mercy Retreat 31-05-16@ GSC

The Mercy Retreat at the Church of the Good Shepherd continued to reach out to many on the many dimensions of mercy. On the 31st of May 2016, the retreat continued with sessions conducted by Fr. Christopher and Fr. Gregory Chan. Before the session began, a simple fellowship was held, bringing together a group of people from different walks of life; young and old, some from work and some for school, to unwind, relax and get to know each other more.

Mercy flows from the heart – Launching of GSC mercy retreat

Most people believe that there's something special about our “hearts.” Not just the physical organ, but something more. Most people understand that there's something “inside us” that goes beyond the physical realm and into the spiritual. There's something inside us that could be described as a “sacred place within,” or, more appropriately, a “sacred presence within.”

GSC Novena Day 10: Feast Day

The Church of the Good Shepherd celebrated its feast day, in line with Vocation Sunday on the 17th of April 2016. A week-long celebration was held which started from the 8th to the 17th with daily masses, holy hours and adoration.

GSC Novena Day 9

The pinnacle of the Good Shepherd feast ended on a high note with the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the procession around Air Panas, Setapak. This culmination brought together thousands of people who realised the merciful gaze of the Good Shepherd in and through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Rev Fr Christopher and Rev Fr Bernard.

GSC Novena Day 8: Evening Mass

GSC Novena Day 8 was celebrated by Rev Fr Clarence Devadass who is also the Editor of Catholic Asian News (CANews) together with Fr Christopher. The Novena started with Holy Hour followed by mass. In his homily, Fr Clarence explained that Scripture was only written 30 to 40 years after Jesus’s death. During the time where the church was persecuted and faced many hardships, stories of comfort were told and re-told to all to strengthen and nourish their faith.

GSC Novena Day 8: Anointing Of The Sick

One of the highlights of the Good Shepherd feast week was the anointing of the sick. This took place on Friday, 15th of April 2016 at 10am. About 200 registered catholic parishioners old and young gathered in church to attend Mass. There were a handful of registered non-Catholics who took part in the celebration, so as to receive the blessings of our Lord.