Brief Background.

On 25th July 2018 , GSC’s Parish Priest Rev.Fr. Christopher Soosaipillai and Mr Nicholas Doshi of  GSC’s Family Life Ministry called for a gathering of all parishioners (55 ys old and abv – Snr Citizens ) of the Good Shepherd Church, Setapak, KL.  At the meeting, it was decided to revive and re-establish the Senior Citizens sub-ministry. Thus, on that date was “reborn” the earlier Senior Citizens group and it was “rebranded” to be called “ The GSC EVERGREENS “ .

The group is driven by a Core Team led by Mr Desmond Nathan with 4 other Core Team members, namely  Ms. Susan Wong (Asst Core Team Leader) , Mr. Manuel Vergara (Secretary), Mr. Lawrence De Souza (Treasurer) and Mdm. Lily Joginder (Social Coordinator)

Since that date (25th July 2018) , the GSC Evergreens have been active and have organised and carried out various activities which have included :-

  1. Potluck Fellowship Gatherings.
  2. Breakfast Sale
  3. A full day trip to Bukit Malawati and the rice fields of Sekinchan
  4. Line Dance Sessions – GSC Evergreens led the Line Dancing at the GSC PIHD Christmas Party on 16th Dec 2018 and GSC’s Family Evening on 30th Dec 2018.
  5. Christmas Carolling
  6. Tai Chi Sessions
  7. Morning Walk and Exercise Sessions
  8. Mandarin language class ( commenced March 2018 )
  9. LENT visit to the Church of St Francis of Assisi ( SFA )  for Way of the Cross followed by visit to The Little Sisters of The Poor ( LSOTP)  on 12th March 2019.

LENT Visit to  Church of St Francis of Assisi (SFA) & The Little Sisters Of The Poor (LSOTP).KL.

On 12th March 2019, the GSC Evergreens organised the above visits as part of our LENT program with a bus load of more than 40 Evergreens and a few more who drove themselves .

At the Church of SFA , the group was  led through the Way Of The Cross by  Rev Fr. Christopher on the church’s lovely grounds,  more affectionately refrred to as the “Garden Of Gethsemene”.  What an amazing closeness to Jesus’ passion we all felt during this special Way of the Cross.

Thereafter, we visited the Chapel of Portiuncula to view the  Scared Relics of St. Francis Of Assisi, Blessed Angelo, St. Pio, St. John Paul II  and St.(Mother) Teresa. We also visited the main church where a group photo was taken at the main altar.

What a beautiful and meaningful visit at the Church of SFA for all of us

Immediately after SFA, we departed for The Little Sister Of The Poor( LSOTP ).  On arrival , we unloaded from the bus all thedelicious home cooked food which almost all of the Evergreens in the group had prepared and which we were going to share  with the residents , sisters and staff of the LSOTP for lunch.

It was an afternoon of close rapport between all the GSC Evergreens with  the residents there, sitting with them, chatting with them, eating with them and in some cases helping to feed some  who needed assistance to do so. The GSC Evergreens “choir” delivered two touching songs , ie “ Give Thanks” and “ Pass It On” .

The most prominent resident at the LSOTP, His Eminence , Cardinal /Archbishop Emeritus  Anthony Soter Fernandez was present and graciously gave us a few enlightening words before blessing all of us with a closing prayer. We were all indeed awed and thankful for having the opportinity to have had this visit and sharing at The Little Sisters of The Poor.

Our visits  to the Church of SFA and the LSOTP has left us with such fond memories, fulfilled hearts and thankgul feelings.