Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs)

BEC Coordinating Team (BECCOT)

Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) – A New Way of Church

The GSC BECCOT Ministry consists of thirty (30) BECs with six (6) Zone Leaders and 30 BECs leaders. BEC’s are called to explore creative ways connecting, promoting growth in faith and communitarian spirituality. The BECCOT reports to the Parish Priest and is headed by a Coordinator elected by BEC Coordinators, approved by the Parish Priest with BEC Coordinators as team members. The objective of the BECCOT is to plan and coordinate BEC activities, and this is carried out at their monthly gatherings, especially in fulfilling the pastoral needs of the community. At each gathering, the monthly BEC Reflection Paper is shared, followed by discussion on issues faced by respective BECs. The BECCOT Coordinator attends both PPC and PCC meetings as a representative of the BEC.

Pope Francis says, “Don’t be scared, dare to have fabulous plans. I encourage you to not be afraid, to dream, to have great ideals, to be builders of hope.”

These BECs are believers coming together as families and individuals in faith with leaders in worship and listen prayerfully to the Word of God. BEC is a Community of Faith, Word rooted and Christ centred. It is in being together and evangelizing one another through the committing of oneself that strengthens the Church. BEC is your local Church without Sacraments.

Any Catholic that living within the boundary area of Good Shepherd Church automatically belongs to a BEC of Good Shepherd Church. Please check our BEC Coverage Area to determine the BEC you belong to;


BEC Animating Team (BECAT)

The BECAT reports to the Parish Priest and is headed by a Coordinator appointed by the Parish Priest. This team is made up of three to four team members comprising the BECCOT Coordinator and language representatives. The objective of BECAT is to assist the BECCOT Coordinator in carrying out formations for BECs. BECAT is a support team that works closely with BECCOT to support the functioning of BECs.

The Parish Priest is assisted by BECCOT and BECAT with the pastoral needs of the community.

Rosalind Michael

BECCOT Coordinator