Year of Saint Joseph 2021 – Part 3.8

Illustrations of Saint Joseph

Pair of turtledoves

Image: Feast of the presentation of the Lord from Catholic culture

This icon signifies the remembrance of the sacrifice of the pair of Turtle doves that Mary and Joseph used at the presentation of the temple. It also represents the faithfulness of Joseph and Mary to God.

Jews also used the pair of turtle doves as a sacrifice because they can’t afford a bigger sacrifice and it also points out to us that the Holy Family was not wealthy in silver.


Image result for catholic illustrations of st joseph reflecting

Image by Catholic daily Reflection

  • Are we faithful and devoted to God?
  • Do we attempt to make little sacrifice to set a quiet time and sit with God?
  • Do we put all materialistic things of the world before God?
  • Do we place wealth as our main priority and approach God as our last resort only if we want or need something
  • Do we share our blessings with those who do not know God?


St. Joseph, patron saint of the Universal Church, Pray for us