Year of Saint Joseph 2021 – Part 3.5

Illustrations of Saint Joseph

The flowering rod

Images: Saint Joseph by N. Musio

When Joseph selected Mary to become his wife, he did not choose her purposely. He was selected by God and planned for him with good will to look after the Holy Family. It symbolises the selection of Joseph by God to care and protect the Holy family.

This icon also recalls the image of the flowering staff of Aaron that shows he has been chosen by God from the book of Numbers.


Image result for catholic illustrations of st joseph reflecting

Image by Catholic daily Reflection

When we are chosen to take responsibility to take care of our family, do we complain or grumble?

  • Do we find them a burden and blame God for giving us such huge responsibilities in taking care of them?
  • Do we face difficulty in communicating with our families and friends and how can we make the relationship better?


  • Are we taking the trouble besides our busy schedule to spend time with our love ones?
  • Are we a source of pillar relying totally on God’s strength like Saint Joseph to be there for our family or loved ones?

St. Joseph, patron saint of the Universal Church, Pray for us