Year of Saint Joseph 2021 – Part 3.4

Illustrations of Saint Joseph

The infant Jesus

Images: Saint Joseph with the infant Jesus by Guido Reni

Saint Joseph loves his son, Jesus dearly. The figure of the Infant Jesus signifies the duty of Joseph bringing Jesus from his infanthood to adulthood in his lifetime. Saint Joseph is also the patron saint for fathers.


Image result for catholic illustrations of st joseph reflecting

Image by Catholic daily Reflection

  • Do we show love, render a hug and tell our children we love them?
  • Are we instilling the values of God in our Children?
  • Do we teach our children to love unconditionally, see the best in others and to share their gifts and talents for the glory of God?


  • Are we quick to forgive our children?
  • Are we ourselves walking in the values of God?

St. Joseph, patron saint of the Universal Church, Pray for us