Year of Saint Joseph 2021 – Part 3.3

Illustrations of St. Joseph

Saint Joseph with the lilies

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The white fresh lilies represent the purity and loyalty of Saint Joseph to God. He faced the toughest challenge of taking care of his Holy Family which God tells him to do. He obeys God faithfully. Saint Joseph was a man of righteousness while looking after his spouse, Mary.

Regardless of his marriage to Mary, Joseph and the Virgin Mary are chaste in their relationship.


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What are the image of loyalty, purity and chastity in our mind?

  • How are we taking care of ourselves, family members and friends?
  • Are we living a chaste life?
  • Are we guiding our children and others to live a chaste life?


  • How do we treat our spouse? Can we do better?
  • Do we invite Jesus to be the centre of our family?