Year of Saint Joseph 2021 – Part 3.11

Illustrations of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, the fear of Demons

Picture taken from the Divine


The Devil is the biggest villain in our daily lives. There are many saints we know have faced and defeated the Devil and his diabolical plans bravely such as Archangel Michael, Saint Anthony the Great, etc. Even Jesus has faced the devil’s temptations courageously. Do you know that Saint Joseph is the terror of Demons too?

Saint Joseph was so close to God that he was able to overcome the temptations of the devil and his evil minions. Satan and his companions fail to tempt him into a deep fall because Saint Joseph has patience and love in his personality. He also has a pure heart that weakens the Devil and his minions.


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Image by Catholic daily Reflection

  • Do we find ourselves feeling overcome by the trials of life?
  • Do we look to God with Hope every day?
  • Are we grounded in Jesus so much so that we do not leave any space for the Devil to tell us otherwise?
  • Are we attuned to the voice of God and to trust him enough to do his will for us?


  • Do we know that we are precious to God and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ?

Saint Joseph, Terror of Demons, protect us.

St. Joseph, patron saint of the Universal Church, Pray for us