Year of Saint Joseph 2021 – Part 3.10

Illustrations of Saint Joseph

Old man, young man

Image: Saint Joseph by Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini

Image: Saint Joseph from Clipart, FAVPNG

How do we picture the fatherly figure of Jesus? Is he old or young? Saint Joseph is usually portrayed as an older man probably middle aged or elderly who looks after the more youthful Virgin Mary and the young Jesus. And in some depictions, his appearance is more likely of a young man of great strength.


Image result for catholic illustrations of st joseph reflecting

Image by Catholic daily Reflection

Do we age gracefully and trusting God to be in control, or do we let fear and worries take control of our age and paralyse us to do the best God intended us to be?

  • Do we feel useless as we grow older or do we believe and let God lead, as scripture says “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”


  • Do we use our talents to our best ability or do we allow age to take control of our gifts?


St. Joseph, patron saint of the Universal Church, Pray for us