Year of Saint Joseph 2021 – Part 2

Characteristic of Joseph

  • Joseph really loved Mary. Even though it was an arranged marriage, the fact that he wanted to divorce her privately showed that he cared more about Mary than being vindicated for something wrong.
  • Everybody knew the story of Joseph and Mary, everybody knew what happened or at least what they accused them of what that happened, and Joseph by taking Mary as his wife shows great character that he was willing to do whatever it took and to deal with whatever would come in the future because he knew what the Lord had commanded and he loved Mary.
  • Joseph shows how much he cared for Jesus Christ. The fact that he actually names Jesus, as the gospel of Matthew’s account record shows that he not only was willing to take Mary in but he was actually taking Jesus in as his own adopted son. By naming Jesus, Joseph literally is adopting him legally into his own line, which is the reason that Jesus Christ can be called the ‘son of David’ just as Joseph was, the ‘son of David’. We learned that Joseph immediately reacted. In the scriptures it reads,

“Then Joseph being raised from sleep did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took unto him his wife:” – Matthew 1:24.

  • In other words, Joseph was quick to act and did exactly as the Angel told him the very next day. Joseph knows what is right and he acts. It is often said that Mary was chosen by the Lord because of her obedience, faithfulness and her devotion to the Lord which is absolutely true and I would say that is just as true that the Lord chose Joseph to be the adopted father of the Saviour because he knew who he was.
  • We can learn 5 amazing secrets of Life from St. Joseph

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  • 1. It is important to listen; our hearts must be attuned to the voice of God in our lives
  • 2. Belief and hope comes from the heart and we must believe God’s guidance in our lives
  • 3. To love God is to trust him. Knowing God is in charge of our lives, is enough for us
  • 4. Silence helps us to listen. Joseph was silent and he trusted, believed and was obedient to what was asked of him. He did not questioned God
  • 5. To be obedient to the will of God. Joseph immediately put into action the plan of God
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