GSC Mission Rosary 2020

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The live streaming of the GSC Mission Rosary was at 4pm on 31st Oct. The streaming virtually brought the Church closer as a congregation.

Although there were 35 participants seen on Google Meets together with representatives of different language groups, there were many more who joined and viewed the live streaming via YouTube.

Fr. Christopher’s guiding voice instilled a sense of calm and peace in the participants. The elders of the church Andrew Teoh appearing in the first slot and the leader of Choir Ministry Peter Lai’s presence made it wholesome. Father Ferdinand also joined in the rosary which added to the atmosphere of calm and being in the presence of Jesus Christ.

The call to the parishioners through the BEC’s would have surely garnered hundreds more views and participants in the Mission Rosary from the comforts of their home, relaxed and dedicated to the recitation of the Rosary and singing hymns in four languages.

The youth participation was encouraging. Making the adults feel “to be like children and enter the kingdom of God.”

Technically the volume was at times low and the pop ups were distracting but viewers would have realized it’s the first live streaming. Issues like this will definitely be fixed in future live streams.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not about to be over any time soon so parishioners will have to get used to being in the presence of Christ from within their own homes as all churches have been closed temporarily. This is a good start to getting there.

To those who did not attend, do not worry as more livestreams will be held soon. The Church of Good Shepherd would also like to encourage more people to attend these streams for as Jesus said in Matthew 18:20 “Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there Am I with them”.

While we wait for God to gift us with a vaccine, let us all continue to worship Christ and celebrate mass as we get through this tough time together as brothers and sisters in Christ. Do not despair for God will bring an end to this pandemic when the time is right and then we will be able to worship Him within the walls of His Church once more. We hope all of our readers take care and may God keep watch over all of you during this trial.

Contributed by David Moses
Edited by Jayden
God Bless

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