The First Unity Celebration of the Year 2020

Chap goh mei- the 15 th day of Chinese Lunar new year, also the final day of celebration – is a
Hokkien term that means Prime Night festival. It’s also called Yuan Xiao Jie (元宵节), the
Chinese celebrates as Valentine’s. Not only lovers but families get together, including the big
family of Good Shepherd Church.
500 parishioners from all language groups, BECs, different ministries get together during this
evening on 8 th Feb, to dine and celebrate as one church at the function hall of Mun Yee
primary school. Fr Christopher, the parish priest, greeted by the Lion Dance舞狮 and
explained later that the gesture of ‘bowing 3 times’ reminds us to always give thanks to God
and respect to one another敬主爱人.
The evening was made memorable by various cultural performances including Chinese
traditional musical 古筝,扬琴,beautiful dances by the Evergreen members, choir singing
CNY songs by the 主日学catechism students etc.


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