BEC St. Anthony Migrant Month

“It’s not just about migrants, it’s also about our fears” was the theme for the month of Sep for BEC
St Anthony Gombak. Julia Hting Chyu and her two children, Saviour and Francis, were invited to join
the BEC to reflect more personally about migrants in our midst. Julia shared her journey in Malaysia,
having stayed her for 10 years. Both her children were born in Malaysia. Even here, they had to
move from Klang to Serdang to Setapak in search of work and community. Julia explained about the
conditions of her people back home in the Kachin state in Myanmar and the plight of many internally
displaced people (IDP) itself.
However, Julia and her family, are very grateful and thank the Lord for the gift of belonging to a
catholic church in Malaysia and in particular, the Good Shepherd in Setapak. She is truly appreciative
of the warmth and hospitality shown to her family as well as her Myanmar community here by the
parishioners of Good Shepherd.
Julia who now speaks basic English after being tutored for over 3 years now by a parishioner in Good
Shepherd, sang the praises of her teacher, Madam GC Toh, who gave her time and effort tirelessly
week after week teaching English to a group of migrant mothers in Setapak.
When asked, Savior who is 10 years old, said she would like to be grow up and become a designer, to
the delight of the bec members.
The BEC members of St Anthony were enlightened with this personal encounter which made the
message of caring and loving our fellow migrant brothers and sisters more genuine and real.
Jane Low, an elder of the BEC, said that this has changed her perspective of migrants and asked for
forgiveness for saying very harsh words about migrants in Malaysia.
This is indeed the work of the Lord!


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