Evergreens’ Pilgrimage to St Theresa’s Church


Nilai, 12TH June 2019 :

Eighty six (86) Evergreens ( formerly know as Senior Citizens) of the Good Shepherd Chuch , Setapak KL , together with our Parish Priest , Rev. Fr. Christopher Soosaipillai, in two chartered buses, headed for the Church of St. Theresa, Nilai , a church  selected as a “ Pilgrimage Church” for the Extraordinary Missionary Year 2019 ( EMY 2019). On arrival, the group was joined by at least another 10 other parishioners from the Good Shepherd Church who had made their own way there

We were welcomed so very warmly by Rev. Fr. Eugene Benedict and his team as we all gathered near the entrance ( Station 1 )  in front of the statue of St.Therese of Lisuiex and the Crucifix of Christ.

Rev. Fr. Eugene in welcoming us, gave us a comprehensive  introduction of what we were going to do during this pilgrimage and also led us in prayer. He even “sprinkled”  little rose petals on all of us in recognition of St. Therese who is also known as “ The Little Folwer”.

Being the perfect hosts that they are, Fr. Eugene and his team did not forget that we needed to be fed and  treated us to a warm and welcomed breakfast of delicious ” Char Bee Hoon” with coffee and tea for all. He joked that this was to give us  energy for our “arduous pilgrimage walk” that was to follow.

The “ Pilgrimage Walk – Walking In The Light Of St. Theresa’s Life Journey”, commenced with all of us coming to Station 3 where we all gathered in front of a family picture of St. Theresa and her family  and reflected on the Family Life of St. Theresa.

The pilgrimage walk continued through the following stations where in-depth explanations were given by Rev.Fr. Eugene and meaningful prayers were said at each of the  stations.

Station 4 : St. Theresa’s Devotion To Our Mother.

Station 5 : St. Theresa’s Devotion To Our Church – The Walk.

Station 6 : St. Theresa’s  Pilgrim Church – The Ruins.

Station 7 : St. Theresa On Her Death Bed – The Crying Room  (for those having heavy burdens)

Station 8 : St. Theresa’s Devotion To Our Lady of Fatima  (the grotto and also the little vegetable garden by the side)

Station 9 : We walked “ UP THE RAMP TOWARDS THE ALTAR “ at  Station 9, to go into the temporary but lovely chapel. Here,  our pilgrimage was culminated with a HOLY MASS jointly celebrated by  Rev. Fr. Eugene and Rev. F.r Christopher

During Mass, the very “newly minted”  Evergreens Choir led by our team leader Desmond and mentor Steven did a splendid job in leading the congregation through all the hymns.


The chapel, located within the Pastoral Centre serves as a  “temporary church “ because in 2012, the old Church building had been burnt down in a fire that was a result of an electrical short circuit. Only the front facade and part of the back of the church building remains standing now. However, Fr. Eugene informed us of the good news that approval had been received for the church to be rebuilt.   Praise The Lord.

At the end of the Mass,  Fr. Eugene gave a few of the Evergreens the honour of placing  a “Crown of Roses” on the head of the Statue of St Theresa at the altar.

Everyone made donations towards the church , for  the poor and for the Mission year, in cash and also via  grocery items ( for the Orang Asli ) as well as some recyclables.

The group felt that we all RECEIVED so much more than we gave during this pilgrimage  and we are all grateful to Rev. Fr. Eugene and his team for their kind hospitality and especially for the passionate and  clear explanations by Rev Fr. Eugene that made this pilgrimage so meaningful.

We are of course THANKFUL to GOD that we had this opportunity to experience and to be part of this very  SPECIAL pilgrimage. We look forward to visiting St Theresa’s Church again when it is rebuilt.

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