THE HUMAN CONNECTION (Formation by Youth)


On the 23rd until the 24th of March, the youth ministry of Good Shepherd Church, Setapak, organised a 2 day stay in formation for all the youths of the parish. The formation was titled “The Human Connection” based on the main topic of the formation; communication. The formation was held in the youth centre and had a total of 25 participants.

The entire module was presented by the young leaders in the ministry under the guidance of the Archdiocesan Single Adult and Youth Office (ASAYO). The program spoke about the need of communication in our human life and how to communicate better which is something many of the youth have struggles with based on the feedback from the participants. The final session of the module was especially impactful to the participants as it spoke about listening and two-way communication. In this session, many understood the big difference between listening and hearing and this made them all realise that listening is the most important part of good communication.

No youth program is complete without a little fun as the youth participated in a wonderful campfire night on the first day. The participants were thrilled with the experience as they spent the night toasting marshmallows over the fire, singing along to campfire songs and playing games like charades and flashlight tag.

Overall, the formation was a great success and achieved the objective it was given which was to instil better communication skills among youth and guide them into leadership. It was also a great learning curve for all our leaders to take on the task of giving these sessions which has empowered the participants to do the same. It was a great initiative to kick start the forming of young leaders and successors of the ministry.


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