GSC Teen Camp 2018


Theme: Be Disciples of Hope

December 2018 -Focus:Mission-Feast/Events:Season Of Christmas  -SubTheme:Christ is the gift the matters


Important Note: All forms can be printed and filled by the applicant and to be given directly to the GSC office or parish priest for approval.

What you should do:
(Both must be single (without any impediments for marriage)
- Contact a priest at least six (6) month before wedding date (any day except Sunday)
- Catholics have to be married in Church (mass or service) in order to continue to receive the Sacrament of Holy     Communion
- Compulsory to attend Catholic Marriage Preparation Course
- No wedding mass during Lent or Advent season
- Wedding on Saturdays or Weekdays but NOT on Sundays
- Civil Registration 1 – 2 weeks before wedding date
- Prepare spiritually especially confession before wedding

Forms available:

  • Click HERE To Print Marriage Application Form


  • CMPC (marriage instruction) Weekend course 2018 - Click HERE


  • Overseas Requirement for Marriage in The Parish - Click HERE


  •  Requirement for Marriage - Parishioners & Couple From Other Parishes - Click HERE