GSC Teen Camp 2018


Theme: Be Disciples of Hope

December 2018 -Focus:Mission-Feast/Events:Season Of Christmas  -SubTheme:Christ is the gift the matters


Parish Ministry for Ecumenical and Inter Religious Affairs

The PMEIA seeks to create an awareness among Catholics in the parish of the importance and means of ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue in the country and especially around the parish boundaries and BEC's. We are also called as parishioners with the help of PMEIA to build bridges and promoting dialogue with other religious tradition, churches and ecclesial communities. Let's build friendship, harmony and good will with all people of God.


Weekly of Prayer for Christian Unity

  • When: 18 -25 January 2018
  • Where: Worldwide

DOWNLOAD -Materials are provided to those organising the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The 8 days of Daily reflection may be done individually or in group with Christian friends to pray for Unity of Heart and Minds.