GSC Teen Camp 2018


Theme: Be Disciples of Hope

December 2018 -Focus:Mission-Feast/Events:Season Of Christmas  -SubTheme:Christ is the gift the matters

Agenda Beccot Meeting


1. Prayer - Liturgy of the Hours.
2. BEC Reflection paper:
3. List – Attendance.
4. List - Where is your BEC gatherings held in June 2017? – (to give addresses and time so that it will be published in the bulletin).

5. BEC Updates
• BEC Matters.
• BEC Banners – Any suggestion? How do you wish to have? Next month to update if want to have banners to be displayed to inform church members all of the BEC’s in the parish.
• Any updates and concerns...

6. Ministries Update –

7. Extra Communion Ministers – ECM, we will meet tomorrow 8 June @ 8.00pm. Any feedback?

8. Lent, Holy Week, Easter (from 1 March to 16 April) – Feedback and suggestions?
> no need buy palms

9. GSC Feast Day (from 4 to 7 May) - Feedback and suggestions?
> Healing Mass will be on Friday morning.
> Saturday Feast day Mass also in the morning for the elderly.

10. Kagape on 15 July, Saturday – BM parishioners will update us soon (No BM Mass on 16 July, Sunday)

11. Parish Pastoral Assembly (PPA) on 22 July, Saturday from 9.00 am to 1.00pm (with lunch). Msgr. Mitchel Anthony and AB Julian will be coming. All parishioners are welcome but all leaders are summoned to attend. All 8 Cluster groups will give a chart report, Michael Yap will inform how to present it. They are (1) BEC, (2) Unity, (3) Formation, (4) PIHD, (5) Inter-Religious, (6) Youth, (7) Social Communication, (8) Family Life.
- complete early before 22/07 presented in Function Hall
- next year “Malaysian Priests Convention’ @ Majodi, Johor

12. Confirmation for children and adults on 26 August (Saturday) @ 6.00pm by AB Julian Leow.

13. Major Renovations of Church – on hold! We are trying to upgrade our electrical power and soon will take action. Thereafter the works will begin. Please pray.
14. Our Lady of Fatima – 100 Year of Apparition in Fatima, Portugal. We had Rosary and Mass at Zone level. Feedback and suggestions?

15. Parish Formation – SYMBOLON from 12th May to Oct 2017, every Friday at parish
@ 8.00pm. Going on but very few coming however it’s good for those attending.

16. Fr. Chris will be on leave from 3rd to 25th August on Pilgrimage to Fatima, Lourdes and thereafter to Canada. Fr. Victor Remisetty from India (who have come before will be here). Any suggestion for these weekdays for him?

17. Maintenance and Projects of GSC.

18. Other Matters
o Next meet - 5 July 2017 (Wed) – 8.00pm at CR2
o Census report to be given to the various Zones to check
o Any suggestions for anything at Parish or BEC from September to December ... please send to Fr. Chris