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GSC Teen Camp 2018


Theme: Be Disciples of Hope

December 2018 -Focus:Mission-Feast/Events:Season Of Christmas  -SubTheme:Christ is the gift the matters

Confirmation Camp 2017

Confirmation is a time of solitude and solace with our heavenly father. Some of us who have been through this phase, may have walked along and conformed to the other members in the classroom or church without really grasping our loving father’s grace. On the other hand, some of us would have graced our father’s blessings at a much earlier age, seeking his comfort and refuge in our own entreaty. Either way, confirmation is the pinnacle of our Catholic childhood, paving our ways to another new agendas inscribed in our course of life.(Image)

The Church of Good Shepherd at Setapak had an amazing opportunity to witness 59 beautiful young adults journey through a confirmation camp. They had a wonderful experience at the camp, which they had attended at the Marist Brothers in Port Dickson from the 30th of June to the 2nd of July. There were 29 participants from the English congregation, and from the Chinese, Tamil and Malay congregation there were 2, 1 and 3 respectively. Besides the confirmants from the Good Shepherd church, the doors were also opened to other parishioners. There were 7 participants from Church of the Risen Christ, 2 from St Johns church, and one participant from the Holy Family church. Another 14 young adults from the RCIA group participated as well to share their input and liven the sessions.

Throughout the 3 day and 2 nights camp, a total of eight sessions had taken place, with many teachers from the catechetical ministry taking part in their own sharing sessions.

The camp began with an introductory session of “God and I”. The students were taken through a series of questions on who or what is God to them, and why were they present for a confirmation camp. They were also asked to recite their prayers to establish a closer relationship with God. Everyone present was asked to contemplate on his or her relationship with God throughout the rest of the sessions.

The other sessions went on exceeedingly smooth, as the participants were very interactive with the teachers who were sharing their sessions. The participants were taken through a very spiritual journey throughout the sessions, with the teachers being their spiritual mentors and helping them with their struggles in life.

Some were happy to come forward to share these experiences as well, as quoted by most of the participants - that they learnt to love one another, and most importantly, accept themselves. The sessions helped them open up and love themselves as how God would have viewed them in his eyes – with unconditional love.

Most participants learnt the true act of being courageous, to be one with God, - the art of surrendering oneself completely to God. This may sometimes be the most difficult task at hand, to experience God is to let go, and let God. A feat the participants had engraved in themselves as they walked out of The Marist Bothers youth centre on the last day of the camp.

Be it good or bad, God is always with us. To have an eternal blessing throughout our lives is something most of us cherish yet only a handful lives to experience this. The participants were each given beautiful gift on that day. A gift nobody else could have given them. The gift of complete solace and comfort in God.