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Theme: Be Disciples of Hope

May 2018 -Focus:Relationship -Feast/Events:Pentecost  -SubTheme:Family powered in Christ

AVPT 2018 Roadshow



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Theology of the Body Part 2 Camp

The Catechetical Ministry of the Good Shepherd Catholic Church held the second part of the Theology of the Body camp for the form five students from the 11th to the 12th February 2017 in collaboration with the Theology of the Body team from the Archdiocese. Theology of the Body (TOB) was introduced by Saint John Paul II. It seeks to explain about human love and marriage. It is a series of 129 talks given by Saint John Paul II while he was a Pope as part of his Wednesday audiences. Saint John Paul II wrote the Theology of the Body in Polish while he was a cardinal.

The content of TOB relates to the many contemporary problems in the areas of marriage and sexual love, where it explains the human body, the gift of sexuality and the value of married love. As such, the Catechetical ministry wished to expose the confirmation students to the TOB as we are aware of the many questions that students these days may have so that they can understand the church’s view on marriage and sexual love.

The camp began with praise and worship and introduction by Kirstin. There were seven sessions altogether which began with the first session on the Original Man where Brian discussed about three core points mainly Original Solitude, Original Unity and Original Nakedness. This session emphasized that it is through a sincere giving of oneself does a man finds himself. The second session was on the Historical Man that showed how we as humans usually battle between love and lust. The thirst session was on Eschatological Man that points out how Jesus offers us hope and healing. After which the students had a break to prepare themselves for holy mass. At night, the camp continued with the session on Vocation. Day one ended with Q&A session, Examination of conscience and night prayer.

Day two began early morning with breakfast and Morning Prayer followed by a session on Marriage. Rebecca explained the reality of marriage as was written in the module “... when the love of a bride and groom is a total gift, it makes God’s love visible in the world” (TOB Module 4). This session also highlighted how both genders are equal in dignity, however their expression of humanity differs. This session also stressed that the relationship between a husband and a wife must be modelled after the selfless love of Christ.

Session six focused on celibacy where John explained that celibacy “fulfills the ‘nuptial meaning of the body’ by embracing a life signifying the heavenly marriage between Christ and His church” (TOB Module 4). This session also answered question that some students had regarding why only men are allowed to be priest. At the end of this session students were fairly aware of the roles of priests and religious. The final session was on Living the TOB followed by Q&A session.

Overall, it was an eye opening camp where students learned more about our faith and the teachings of the church.

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