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GSC Teen Camp 2018


Theme: Be Disciples of Hope

December 2018 -Focus:Mission-Feast/Events:Season Of Christmas  -SubTheme:Christ is the gift the matters

Holy Communion Camp

The sacrament of the Eucharist has been a simple signage to unite Catholics as one - an action that has a very in-depth value in our laity’s life. This act, which is rekindled throughout our lives, will always make us significant as Catholics who believe in the Body of Christ. This belief was implanted and brewed in the lives of our young standard three students in a two-day one night stay in camp on the 15th and 16th of October, in Good Shepherd Church, Setapak.

The young participants were a lively bunch, aiding the teachers to be alert at all times. Being at a tender and delicate age, the sessions were presented by the creative teachers via various methods of media and story telling. The first session began with Father Chris with his witty and articulate way of presenting the church and her sacraments. From there on, the children were walked through the importance of receiving Holy Communion and being a part of the church through this union via various other sessions conducted by our catechism teachers.


There were other sessions conducted as well, dealing with adversities they may have faced at an early age. They were taught to use our spiritual guidance, which is now received as the body of Christ to help them as a coping method to overcome any challenges. The meaning and sacrifice of Jesus was emphasized, and the strings of values practiced by Jesus were implanted in each and every student through examples of altruism and selflessness.

A beautiful sunset mass was held on the 12th of November 2016, marking the day significant to our young participants who officially received the holy host for the first time. Father Chris overwhelmed the congregation with his simple message to the young ones and their parents. For parents who have brought their children to church to receive the holy host, are they ready to stand witness? Have we come as one family to receive the body of Christ? To witness Him, is to become forgivers, life givers.

To the young participants, Father Chris went on asking them in the best means he could; when one is naughty in life, we say sorry, we apologize. When that has happened, forgiveness comes into place – we receive blessings. Likewise in the witness stand of our Lord, we have to stand witness and lead with an example. An exemplar to show that we are one, people will know that we are Christians by our love. His message was simple yet crisp.

As parents, we pave the example for our children. When we are fair and just, we receive blessings. Many a times in our lives we will come across situations where we will not be satisfied. That is when we should stand witness, to hold on to our faith more than anything else, and believe that our shortcomings are only held by the fine lines within God’s grasp of change. Likewise, let us bring Jesus to our children, and our children to Him.

Holy communion may just be another phase for most of us; some of us keen on accepting it as an important aspect in our lives, and some of us who miss out on its significance. Yet it is this union, our stronghold, which is our welcoming to the Lord. It is through this unity, which we share as Catholics that fuses us as one church. Today, the Lord has seen more of his young children uniting with us adults to be the same entity in Christ. It is now up to us to lead them in the right path.

By Eugene Joseph